Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Last of the Snow Paintings -- for Now!!

Well, I finished up the last of the five paintings with snow in the landscapes for the new gallery in Wickenburg, AZ. It's kind of nice to have that pressure done with! We'll deliver them to the gallery in time for the "soft" opening and may still be there by the grand opening in November. If they don't sell first!

Totem Pole, Yei Bi Chei Rocks, Monument Valley,red rock, Arizona, AZ, snow, clouds,rabbitbrush flowers, cloud shadows, desert landscape painting, winter
Totem    24" x 30" / 61cm x 76cm

Totem refers to the tall, skinny spire on the right. (The Yei Bi Chei Rocks are to the left and are named for the supernatural beings who bring healing to people during medicinal ceremonies even today).

Four peaks mountain, Scottsdale, phoenix, AZ, Arizona, morning, clouds, cloud shadows, saguaro cactus, snow, winter, desert landscape painting
Four Peaks   24" x 30" / 61cm x 76cm
Four Peaks is a mountain located east of Scottsdale, AZ and north of the Superstition Mountains and Apache Junction. (From this angle, only three of the four peaks are visible). I love being here in March when the wildflowers are going to town and when the Peaks may have a little snow on them yet. (I hope to do a painting of that soon).

But in winter on rare occasions, this area can get light snow on the desert floor and lots of snow in the mountains.

These two paintings plus the previous three will be shown in the soon-to-be-open 60West Gallery in Wickenburg, AZ. I don't believe they have a telephone number or website yet, but the address is as follows:

60WestGallery Fine Art
220 E Wickenburg Way
Wickenburg, AZ

The gallery is far enough away where I don't expect to be there very often, except to drop off paintings. But I hope you'll be able to stop by and see these works in the flesh!

Mark Junge


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