Friday, April 23, 2010

Energy Is Never Created or Destroyed

Energy is never created or destroyed. We've probably all heard that at some time in our lives. That may be true when it comes to physics, but I'm not convinced it's true when human beans are involved.

It's nice getting a regular paycheck, but it seems I don't have much energy left after preparing to teach or after I actually teach. (The subject is microbiology, in case you've forgotten). The idea of working on paintings seems overwhelming these days, and since the teaching position is on an as-needed basis (although the need lasts a semester, so it beats being a sub), I really don't know when/if I'll be teaching again.

For that reason, I really HAVE to keep painting and looking for ways to sell them. Even in this economy.

The semester ends in about five weeks. I'll have more time to paint then, and I hope I can keep from returning to panic mode. And we're still hoping to squeeze in a trip to Hawai'i later this year for our 25th wedding anniversary (and, of course, such a trip will add tremendously to my painting subject matter!)

2010 is going to be an interesting and different kind of year. I hope it'll be one in which I can create more energy!