Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ida River

My latest painting was a commission for someone I know who lives in Washington state. The location is somewhere along the Ida River in Leavenworth, WA. I've never been to this location, but the person sent me a pretty nice photo to work from.

Ida River,river,forest,woods,douglas fir,stones,rocks,bald eagle,mountain,Leavenworth,WA,Washington
Ida River     18" x 24"

Ida River,river,forest,woods,douglas fir,bald eagle,Leavenworth,WA,Washington
Ida River - Detail
I added a couple of items that did not appear in the photograph -- two bald eagles! One is flying low over the river, looking for fish to capture and eat. A second eagle is lifting off from a distant tree, embarking on its own food-finding mission.

I hope the new owner will enjoy the painting for the rest of his life.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Springtime in the Mojave Desert

Springtime comes a little later in the high desert than it does in lower elevations. We're at about 3,000 ft. / 915m, so if you made several trips March - May from the lower desert (where, in some places, the elevation is near sea level) to the Mojave, you would see a progression of flowers working their way up. Except you'd also see different kinds of flowers!

Today for Cinco de Mayo, I took a fast trip through the higher areas of Joshua Tree National Park. I wish the sky would have stayed clear and blue, but sometimes, nature has its own schedule.

Still, the picture-taking was worth it. Sometimes, all I really need are visual notes on what is blooming and where. In some cases, I'll shoot details I might need to paint leaves and flowers up close -- then, the overcast skies can actually be helpful in lowering the contrast of the photos. And I have at least a gazillion or two photos of the Park with the lighting I prefer, but today's pictures add information that I may not already have!

These are a few of the 75 or so photographs I took today:

Joshua Tree National Park,Mojave desert,overcast,desert senna,flowers,wildflowers
Inside the west entrance to the Park

Joshua Tree National Park,Joshua trees,globe mallow,Mojave desert,flowers,wildflowers
Desert mallow in Lost Horse Valley

Joshuaa Tree National Park,Mouont San Jacinto,Mount San Gorgonio,Keys View,overcast
Near Keys View

Joshua Tree National Park,reptile,side-blotched lizard,rockMojave,desert
Side-blotched lizard

Joshua Tree National Park,horned lizard,desert,Mojave,horny toad
Horned lizard

Joshua Tree National Park,horned lizard,horny toad,Mojave,desert
Horned lizard, same specimen as above

Joshua Tree National Park,nolina,parry nolina,Mojave,desert,flowers,wildflowers
Parry nolina

Joshua Tree National Park,desert senna,Mojave,desert,flowers,wildflowers
View into Twentynine Palms

Joshua Tree National Park,Joshua tree,desert senna,hills,flowers,wildflowers
Near Twentynine Palms
I had a good time in the Park, but I simply MUST get me a walking stick -- probably a bamboo rod with rubber caps on each end. Unless I'm hiking on a mostly flat trail without lots of little ups and downs and having to step over things, my ancient knees tend to give out, and down I go!! This time I got a little more scraped up than usual, and I have a swollen area on one of my shins. NO MORE!! Walking stick, or give up hiking!!

Anyway, I hope your Cinco de Mayo was fun. Overall, mine was!