Friday, March 25, 2016

ANOTHER Little Desert Painting

I finished another little desert painting for my "Under $300" series of works -- possibly the last for a while, until I see how well received they are by the art collectors out there!

Joshua Tree,national Park,Mojave,desert,boulders,rocks,clouds,stormy,hiking,hike,nature,outdoors

No title yet, really, so I'm just calling it Joshua Tree 03. The size is 8" x 10" / 20cm x 25cm. Obviously (I think!), I wanted to draw attention to the almost-a-silhouette of the Joshua tree against the bright clouds.

I'll be adding this to my website soon, and I expect it will be available in one of the local businesses by mid-April. More on this later.

It will be Easter in a couple of days. Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Three Little Paintings

I've been working on some small (8" x 10" / 20cm x 25cm) paintings in the "Under $300" category. All desert scenes, of course.

Joshua Tree,National Park,Mojave,desert,flowers,wildflowers,blooms,clouds,hills,rocks,dandelions,blue sky,CA,California
Joshua Trees 01
Joshua Tree,National Park,Mojave,desert,blooms,flowers,dry brush,clouds,hills,rocks,blue sky,CA,California
Joshua Trees 02
sand,dunes,verbena,flowers,hills,mountains,La Quinta,CA,California,distant,distance,purple,blue,pink,magenta
Sand Verbena
These, along with future paintings yet to be made, will be available at one of the local businesses where tourists and desert lovers will go and, perhaps, pick up one or more as a suitcase-sized souvenir. Check my website for more information on availability:


Friday, March 4, 2016

Deserts and Everything Else

As a landscape painter, I have many, many options to choose from when deciding what to paint. Desert scenes tend to be my favorite, but there sure are a lot of other places that deserve to be captured, too.

Mt,Mount,Sneffels,Range,San Juan,Ridgeway,Telluride,Double RL Ranch,fall,autumn,cottonwood,trees,yellow,green,blue,clouds,rabbitbrush,rabbit brush,grass,Colorado

This painting shows the Sneffels Range in Colorado, an especially beautiful region in the fall. Here, we are looking across a pasture of the Double RL Ranch -- designer Ralph Lauren's spread.

I love painting the desert, but views like Mount Sneffels cry out to be captured as well. I often feel like I don't do as well in catching the magic of these places as I do with the desert. BUT: what's an artist to do?

The desert has a mood to it like nothing else.  But sometimes I need COLOR, or the grandeur of mighty mountains or other features that the desert just doesn't have.

That's when I start thinking about Colorado, or the California redwoods, or even the ocean shores. And paint it all!

It's a big world, but somebody's gotta paint it!