Friday, September 4, 2009

Updated Website

Well, I took some advice from an artist I know ("LB") who has had success selling from her Website, a goal I've had for a while now.

So I've added some additional links to the
homepage, including one (with my picture--UGH!) that will take you directly to my Bio/Statement page. I wrote about what aspects about the desert fascinate me. I also removed a page that was all about my technique -- LB thought it would appeal to artists, but they are not my target audience, and most art buyers wouldn't care about all that stuff.

Finally, since I've been making original paintings that I can sell inexpensively, I created a page that features some of these works as well. You can see them

And, as before, all of these pieces are for sale!!! (Yes -- that's a hint!)

But if you're not in the market for art today, that's OK. Maybe tomorrow. At least go take a look. Be sure and let me know if you think of something else I need to change or fix.



cactuscat said...

Beautiful description of the desert on your "about me" page! You painted a picture with words that captures both what we see and the peacefulness we feel - as long as we take the time to stop and experience it.

I used to wonder what anyone could possibly like about the desert. When I started dating my boyfriend, he invited me to go camping in Mojave Preserve. The main reason I agreed to go was that I enjoyed his company (still do!) and figured that I could tolerate the desert for a day or two. What a surprise! The colors and shapes and textures were incredible. We saw sand dunes, rocks, petroglyphs and flowers. I took so many pictures. My boyfriend's family vacationed in the Morongo basin when he was growing up so he already knew how wonderful the desert can be. We visited often and eventually bought a home in the area where we plan to retire. I love to walk in the part of our back yard that is untouched desert and take pictures of the plants and animals that live there.

Yesterday on my lunch hour I was reading some of your old blogs about guinea pigs and rabbits. After work I visited my dad who is 86 and in a nursing home. He told me that a group of people visited this week and brought - you guessed it - guinea pigs and rabbits for the residents to hold and pet. They also brought a dove which my dad had to rescue from a woman who appeared to be trying to pluck it!

Thank you for sharing your blogs and paintings with the public. Your paintings are beautiful and I'm sure the only reason that sales are slow is the economy. I know nothing about art but your prices seem more than reasonable for the time and talent you put into your work.

Mark J said...

Thanks for your positive comments, cactuscat! And I'm glad your boyfriend introduced you to the desert--he must be a smart guy! =)
I also enjoyed your thoughts about guinea pigs and bunnies. They're so cute I can't stand it!

Do you have a blog I could take a look at?

cactuscat said...

No I don't have a blog. I like reading other people's blogs and making the occasional comment. (Don't know why I still can't sign up on TDS.) I do have a place which shows some of my photos.

I could put a blog there but I've never done one before and am not sure what to say. It's a lot easier commenting when someone else brings up a subject.

I haven't added pics in a while - not since the snow last December. I need to go through the newer photos and add some more. There are a couple of photos of an ancestor of our spiny desert lizard. That one also would climb the stucco to go near our porch light but I never saw it there at night.

And yes, my boyfriend is a very smart guy! It's so nice to be with someone who appreciates nature and the beauty of our desert.

Mark J said...

I'll have to take a look at your pix.

Re: TDS -- maybe you could e-mail them and ask what's up. Try this address:

Hope you get on.

I enjoy your comments! =)