Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changes Comin'

No, no, not the weather (although that changes a lot, too!)

I mean my Website (which, in case you forgot, is Right now, I feature mostly paintings of the desert. While that area will always be my primary focus, I know not everybody wants to hang desert paintings on their walls.

So I plan to re-design things a little. Now, when you go to my site, you see a single picture of a painting and click on "Enter Site" to access the thumbnail page with all of the paintings I'm showing at the present time.

The comin' changes: the home page will have three pictures and captions -- "Desert Paintings," "Western Landscape Paintings (including Missions)" and "Wildlife Paintings." Click on one of those, and you'll be directed to a page with those types of paintings. No thumbnails: just the images, info and "Buy Now" buttons. The visitor will be able to navigate between the categories easily.

I hope to make these changes within another week or so. Let me know wotcha think!

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