Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Living Desert Continues to Live

I've mentioned the Living Desert before. It's a desert-themed botanical and zoological park (located in Palm Desert, CA) that also promotes conservation of desert resources.

The Living Desert held a fund-raising event on Sunday night that featured a silent auction. Since the Living Desert is one of my favorite places (and would be my favorite charitable organization if I had the means to contribute!), I donated a painting to the auction.

And it sold! The Living Desert received the amount I would have gotten if the piece had sold through the gallery. Plus, the gallery owner was present to talk up the painting and his gallery to some well-off people.

Let's hope good things come of this, but better yet -- the Living Desert has just a little more funding because of the donation. I'm glad I became involved this way. Maybe this will help save some desert critter or flower. The Living Desert, and the living desert, continue to live!

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