Friday, April 14, 2017

Pastoral Landscape

I've sure gotten behind in my blogging!! Between being sick in March, finishing a painting, putting my 3" x 5" note cards together (see the previous post) and now preparing for a show next weekend, it's been a little crazy!

Well, here is the latest painting:

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Pastoral Landscape                                18" x 24" / 46cm x 61cm
As you can see, I've depicted a small herd of mixed breeds of cows. One managed to cross the shallow river and is hoping others will follow her to the other side. The scene could be a pasture in the high country of Colorado; in fact, the painting was loosely inspired by the way the Double RL Ranch (Ralph Lauren's spread) looks near Ridgeway, CO.

I couldn't resist including some cow parsnip with the cows. This is the plant with the clusters of tiny white flowers. Apparently, some people are sensitive to this plant which can cause a severe poison ivy-type rash if one brushes up against it. (Apparently browsing herbivores can eat the stuff without toxic effects). Also, insects tend to avoid munching on cow parsnip, too.

I've been wanting to do a classically-styled landscape like this for a long time, and I've finally done it!


Mark Junge

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