Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Still Working!

Phew! I can't tell you how glad I am that the elections are OVER!! The complaining and "the world's gonna end" stuff have started, and I think I'll take a break from Facebook for awhile until that dies down, too.

Meanwhile, I HAVE been working on a painting, although progress has been slow. It'll include a figure of a young woman, much closer than I normally paint figures (when I actually DO paint them). Being into the traditional / classical realist look, I want the gal to have that look to her. Frankly, I'm pretty inexperienced at painting or drawing portraits or the figure.

face,girl,woman,nymph,autumn,fall,pretty,beautiful, attractive,red

This is her face which, after consultations with a classical painter and friend, Virgil Elliott (at, we decided she's lookin' pretty good at this point. (Sorry about the glare on her hair at the upper right area).

She's going to be a "spirit" of fall, but I haven't decided if she'll be a goddess, queen, princess or nymph of autumn. I'm leaning toward the last one, since I didn't dress her in royally-elegant clothing.

So now I'm adding lots of fall maple leaves, a garland of leaves on her head, and she'll be holding a garland in her hands. The "nymph" is looking up at a yet-to-be-painted item in blue -- possibly an indigo bunting or those amazing metallic / iridescent Morpho butterflies. It will be the only blue in the painting, which will be predominately reddish-orange.

I think it'll be a neat piece when it's done, but I'm taking my time on it. It's gotta be done right!

When it's finished it will appear on a website I haven't created yet: In the meantime, my landscapes appear on my "main" website at either of these URLs:


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