Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wildflowers in the Desert

April has been a busy month for me. Unfortunately, I've gotten little painting done because of all of the other things that have fallen this month -- doctors, dentists (both which remind me of how old and dilapidated I'm getting) and other stuff.

BUT -- a couple of worthwhile things happened that needed to fit into the schedule. One was my gallery reception -- I'll save that post for next time when I get more pictures.

The other was going out looking for wildflowers outside of Joshua Tree National Park (I may have to go there pretty soon, too).

Unfortunately, the rainfall was less than hoped for, and what rain there was appears to have been quite sporadic. But The Wiffee and I did locate a few places that showed some unexpected splendor.

Sawtooth Mountains,desert mallow,wildflowers,flowers,desert,Mojave,yucca
Near the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve, Sawtooth Mountains in the background

beavertail,cactus,flowers,blooms,magenta,pink,desert,Mojave,Pioneertown Mountains Preserve,CA,California
Beavertail Cactus in Bloom

Closeup, Desert Mallow

Yucca Valley,CA,California,Mojave,desert,flowers,wildflowers,mallow,hills,mountains,Joshua tree
Yucca Valley, CA
We were lucky to have a warm, beautiful day to see these gems. Of course, they look better in real life -- for some reason, photos don't quite capture it. I hope my paintings of these places will.


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