Friday, January 29, 2016

Where the Sun Sets

Where the Sun Sets -- the latest in my "Art Under $300" series!

sunset,sundown,sun,Joshua Tree,National Park,CA,California,clouds,pink,orange,yellow,Mojave,desert,rock,formation,monzogranite
Where the Sun Sets                                        11" x 14"

The sun sets in the West, of course, and it actually sets further west than in Joshua Tree National Park (the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean, as we all know!)

But as a fan of western movies, I've seen enough movie endings in which the hero rides off into the sunset; in fact, it's somewhat of a cliché. And as a fan of the desert, where better to depict a sunset than in the beauty of those vast spaces of the Southwestern desert?

This painting will be available for purchase later in the first week of February 2015 -- I still need to finish the coat of varnish and then give it adequate time to dry and harden. My website (and the specific page on which this artwork appears) is HERE.



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