Thursday, May 1, 2014

On Waves of Sand

My newest painting -- On Waves of Sand, 20" x 24" / 51cm x 61cm.

Palm Springs,San Jacinto,California,southwest,desert,landscape,wind,sand dunes,Coachella Valley

 I wanted to show the beauty of the Coachella Valley sand dunes and the brief flash of color that occurs in the springtime -- IF the conditions are right. Mt. San Jacinto rises in the background, and the town of Palm Springs sits to the left and behind the mountain.

This is a wind-prone place, and dunes once covered the entire Valley. Sadly, development has cut the dunes to less than 1/5 of the area they used to occupy. Some of what's left is protected, but the fate of the endangered Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard (Uma inornata) remains to be seen. These little guys (one is present in the painting) need the blowing sand and lots of space to survive in these harsh environments.

Sometimes the winds become severe windstorms, and enormous clouds of sand and dust rise in the distance. While admittedly a little hard on Valley residents, this is what happens in sand dune country. It's part of what makes this region as beautiful as it is. In a desert sort of way, I guess!


Jack- said...

Hi Mark- You have done a very nice painting...wish i had wall space...anyhow so glad to hear you are magnetically being drawn back to your easel How Fine! What are you selling the piece for? I could guess but I'm not gonna do that!

Mark J said...

Hey there, Jack! Thanks for the compliment! The painting will go for $1,100.00 at the Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs. You might consider rotating paintings around so you can change 'em as the mood suits you! =)