Monday, October 26, 2009

Art Studio Tours

This last weekend I participated in the local art studio tours.

If you've been been on one of these (either as an artist or a visitor): the artists open up their homes or studios (or both, for guys like me who have their studios in their homes) so people can see where the artists work on their creations. Of course, the primary objective for the artists is to sell stuff.

In some ways, a studio tour is more work than an art show in a park or similar setting. A space in a park normally doesn't require cleaning, dusting, sweeping, moving items out of the space and putting them elsewhere out of view, and other miscellaneous activities.

I'm typically tired after a show, but today, all I did was sleep!

At least we made some money, but not enough considering: (a) what we need, and: (b) considering how much time and work went into it.

Well, art shows in the parks aren't going that well for most of us artists, and I'm not convinced a studio tour is that much better, especially in this economy and in southern California.

This is one of the pieces I did manage to sell.

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