Sunday, August 23, 2009

The eBay Blues

Well, the paintings I had on eBay (mentioned in a previous post) didn't sell. So -- why not?
  • Not good enough;
  • No one is into California desert/Joshua Tree National Park scenes;
  • The people who might have been interested were away from their computers this week.

Some (but not all) of my Arizona landscapes normally sell, but I can't always count on that, either. And I don't think I'm asking too much -- $57 starting bid, shipping included, "Buy It Now" is $75. Is that unreasonable?

Is the economy still THAT bad all over the country?

Don't know. But a job opportunity came up that I applied for. If I'm hired, that will obviously affect my ability to paint and market my work.

But we'll see. A career change may be coming.

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