Monday, June 22, 2009

Laguna Beach

Whew!! It's getting hard to squeeze in the painting time I need, in between working outside on the house trim, doing computer and promotional stuff, and dealing with the fact that I get REALLY sleepy in the afternoon. This last item is a tendency I've dealth with all my life, but these last few years, I can't seem to ignore it anymore. I end up taking a nap (whether I want to or not) for an hour or so, then I'm groggy for another hour! Sheesh!!!

So as long as I'm sleeping, I might as well dream about one of my favorite places: Laguna Beach, CA.

Besides the natural and parklike settings there, Laguna Beach has a cute village atmosphere that also features -- surprise! -- art galleries! Many of them show works that I personally don't care for (in fact, some of the pieces are such turn-offs, I actually feel discouraged about the entire art world!) But some of the work is wonderful. Thankfully, I know which galleries to visit to see the good stuff!

California has lots of beautiful beaches and beach communities, but IMO, Laguna Beach is without peer. And the art scene there is the icing on the cake.

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