Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Painter in the Window

The next two Fridays and Saturdays (2/20,2/21 and 2/27,2/28), I'll be painting in the gallery instead of in my studio!

It'll be different and I'm a little nervous about it since I'm so used to being all by myself, a hermit in a cloistered environment, when I paint. But the gallery owner believes I'll be somewhat of a draw. Lots of people think art is some mysterious, spiritual process (and, of course, it IS!), and so are utterly fascinated when they see it being done before their eyes.

So those days, from 11:00am to 4:00pm (or 1100 to 1600 hours, if you prefer), I'll be at the gallery painting away by a window where passersby can see me. The owner also sent about 500 postcards promoting the event, and people have already been responding to his mailings.

If you're interested in coming by, please visit the gallery Website for information about finding the gallery:

And, of course, DON'T forget to visit MY Website from time to time: or

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Dana and Jerry said...

That sounds really exciting. Wish we were closer. Good luck!