Friday, February 20, 2009

The Paint-In, Day 1

Today was the first of four days I committed to working on a painting in one of the galleries I'm in.

I'm not used to painting in public, so I was a little nervous about the idea -- epecially if the painting wasn't turning out as well as I hoped, which does happen sometimes. At least if I'm in the studio, I can change and fix everything before anyone sees the painting.

But in spite of a few minor gliches during setup, the painting, which is 36" x 48" / 91cm x 122cm, is coming along OK. And the gallery owner seems pleased with it, as well.

The whole idea, of course, is that I'm in the front window where passersby will see me and say "Oh, look! That dude is working on a painting! Let's go in, watch, ask questions, then buy six or more of his paintings." Or something like that.

Plus, the owner sent out over 500 postcards promoting the event. So hopefully those people will show up and purchase additional artworks, including the one I'm working on.

The picture shows me cleaning a brush as I wait for a newly-applied layer of glaze to dry. (Miracle of miracles -- I managed NOT to get paint all over myself!) Three of my paintings were hung so they'd surround me and be visible through the window which is directly behind me.

More to come!!

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