Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Sunday

Sundays can be the strangest day of the week sometimes...

Sundays often used to be dreaded because the next day is Monday -- back to the salt mines at a job I may or may not have liked, depending on where I was working at the time. If other projects didn't get finished over the weekend: oh, well. If I couldn't fit them in after getting off work, they'd have to wait until the next weekend.

Since I've been self-employed (fall of 2000), the days of the week are mostly the same to me. So what's up with Sundays?

A number of projects seem to fall on Sundays, especially toward the evening. The Wiffee and I divide most of the chores, and my chores are doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, helping carry in and put away groceries (one of The Wiffee's Sunday chores: grocery-shopping), cooking dinner and watering our numerous plants. On many Sundays, all of those needs fall in the evening. So if I'm panicky about not getting as far as I needed to on a painting to meet a deadline, and if I have to stop painting so I can do all these other things, I get majorly stressed. I've finished those chores for tonight, but now I'm too wound up to paint!

Another Blue Sunday. What's an artist to do?

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