Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolve Not to Resolve

I never did care much for making New Years resolutions. The resolutions I tend to hear about are things we should resolve to do every day of the year -- lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family and/or friends, make more art (well, OK, that last one is something only we artists would think of!)

Still, I can think of things I really want to focus on this year. I wouldn't call them resolutions, exactly, but these are things I intend to focus on in 2009:
  • Exercise more and get the weight down (I'm a diabetic -- I ignore these issues at my own peril);

  • Paint LOTS of small paintings -- more options for sales;

  • Look for marketing opportunities that are not art shows or galleries.

For other areas of my life:

  • Make more art sales so we can get the credit card debt paid down (we've had to use CCs just to pay bills!);

  • Take to heart something a friend in Colorado told me about -- stop contacting "friends" who make no effort to contact me. After a while, it feels like I'm chasing them, and I've lost the motivation to try and keep up with them.
Wish me luck! Regardless, I resolve not to resolve.

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