Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Vast Spaces of the Southwest

"The Vast Spaces of the Southwest" is the tagline I use on my biz cards, stationery, Website, wherever. The line sums up what I love about the desert the most -- all that uncluttered space and distance that seems to extend to infinity. The accompanying photo, taken in Joshua Tree National Park, California, is a perfect example of what inspires me to paint. In fact, I've already painted this scene once, and I expect to do at least one more. IMO, it's a great view, especially with the lighting and the cloud shadows that add rhythm to the landscape.

Unfortunately, I haven't felt like visiting the Park this week. It's been hot and humid lately (it's not always a dry heat around here!). 'Tho' we have A/C in our vehicles, our house has only an evaporative cooler, which doesn't cool as well when it's humid. So I've been a little unmotivated lately!

BUT -- art must go on!

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