Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Sun on Sunday

Well, very little sun, anyway. Summer in the desert (or the Southwest in general) means putting up with tropical storms from the Baja area, which usually brings rain to southern Arizona while we get nothing but humid, muggy conditions. At least the air temperatures aren't as high, but it still feels quite uncomfortable. However, the Palm Springs area DID get rain today, enough to cause some flooding.

We don't have air conditioning -- just an evaporative cooler. Since it's dry here most of the time, the cooler works just great. But when the dewpoint is 55 degrees or more, the cooler doesn't work as well, although it's better than nothing. BTW, the dewpoint today was 62 degrees. That's pretty tropical for us dry air folks.

The picture shows how it looked this morning. Instead of the electric-blue skies we usually have, we had cloudy, humid air that almost dripped moisure. (The distant hills are part of Joshua Tree National Park).

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