Friday, July 18, 2008

Desert Heat

Y'know, it's not always easy painting the joys, beauty and glory of the desert wildlands when you step outside the house or car and right into an oven -- at least, that's what it feels like out there. At least we're at 3000 feet/910 meters elevation, so it's not as hot as it could be.

Most of our landscaping consists of cactus, Joshua trees and other native plant species. Except for a few things I recently transplanted, I don't have to water much. However, I do water underneath some of the more densely-foliated bushes -- not so much because they need it, but because it gives the bunnies damp places to lie down on and keep cool. They certainly take advantage of the things I do for them!

If you don't know what a Joshua tree is, I've inserted an image of a painting that features some. These plants, members of the lily family, were supposedly named by Mormon pioneers who thought the branches of the trees resembled the upraised arms of the biblical character, Joshua crying out to the Lord.

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