Thursday, July 17, 2008

Continuing the Continuation

I'm still working on the smoke tree painting -- frankly, I'll be quite glad when it's finished. That could be as early as later tonight or as late as this coming Sunday night, depending on how much more stuff I need to paint into it and how many breaks I take between now and The Conclusion.

The "mistake" I made (not really a mistake, actually) was in choosing a viewpoint that looks like the viewer is standing right there. Most people like that "I can walk right into it" approach, and it isn't so bad when a painting is smaller or even medium-sized. But when it's 36" x 48" (91cm x 122cm), a ground-level view has an almost overwhelming amount of detail to paint!

Next time (and from now on), I expect larger pieces to have a bird's-eye point of view, which is a look I prefer, anyway.

The photo shows the largest painting I've ever done: 4' x 6' (1.2m x 1.8m). This desert view shows what used to be a lake in ancient times: the waterline from the lake is still visible on the closer mountain. The painting appears in the background behind me on my Website Bio & Statement:

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