Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wyoming Light

This is a somewhat large painting (36" x 48" / 91cm x 122cm) of the wonderful mountains in Grand Teton National Park, WY. The setting is summer, late in the day as the sun begins its descent behind the mountains.

The piece is very much in my own style, but it was inspired by the work of 19th century painter Albert Bierstadt. He was able to make truly magnificent images of western mountains, clouds and lighting, and I tried to capture "the moment" in my own work.

While not a desert scene, this is very much a western scene. All that's missing is the herd of pronghorn running across the meadow or, if I had intended a more historical landscape, cowboys driving their steers to market.

By now, I'd expect the green is gone from this place and winter is already blasting the area with its sharp cold winds and snow flurries, turning this view into the perfect Christmas card picture. But for the moment, let's imagine the soft warm breezes and flowered scents that existed here only a few months ago.

(Not to get commercial on you, but this painting is currently available directly from me via my Website!)

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