Friday, August 8, 2008

Pieces of Eights

Today is 8 August 2008, aka 8-8-08. Today is a special day for many, a day that translates to prosperity, new beginnings in married life and other symbols of what this date means. Apparently it means the most to the Chinese. Even the Olympics start today.

So in this spirit, I started a new painting today, one which will be highly reminiscent of my favorite Dutch painter, Jacob van Ruisdael (mentioned in a previous post). And I intend to post this entry at exactly 8:08 PDT (which would be 2008 hours in military time). It all works for me!

So, dear readers, whatever this day means to you (if anything), I hope it's the start of something great and amazing for you!

Posted 08-08-2008, 2008 hours

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