Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dutch in the Desert

In the Bio/Statement on my Website (the link is posted below), I mention some influences from the Golden Age of Dutch painting, particularly landscape artist Jacob van Ruisdael. He livened up the flat Dutch countryside by adding dark cloud shadows and spots of sunlight. The results weren't entirely naturalistic, but they certainly are dramatic!

The attached painting is an example of van Ruisdael's influence on my art. The scene is in Joshua Tree National Park, where smoke trees dot a wide dry wash that drains into the distant Pinto Basin. It's spring, and although you can't see it due to its small size, a desert cottontail bunny-rabbit sits, unconcerned with our presence as we gaze across miles of space.

I'd like to think this is how ol' Jake might have painted the scene had he stood at this spot -- "Dutch in the Desert"!

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