Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ahh...so you've stumbled across my blog ... or perhaps you were actually searching for me by name and discovered me here! Either way, thanks for checking in on me.

As the above blurb mentions, I'm an artist who paints landscapes of the West. I especially love the Southwestern deserts -- these are places that can only be described as surreal and infinite, with lots and LOTS of space, grotesque plantlife and rugged, primeval geological features. Painting the deserts helps fill my need to paint surrealism (my favorite style of art) while celebrating the stark beauty of some very special places. You can see examples of my paintings and my artistic influences on my Website: http://www.southwestspaces.com. I frequently make changes to my site -- please visit often. I expect to change it from a mere online portfolio to a virtual gallery where you can acquire works simply by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

As for my comment about bunnies: I live in the California desert, and we have lots of desert cottontail rabbits around here. They often make their way into paintings, and I've created the above bunny-featured avatar that I use on a number of other sites. Personally, I think bunnies are cute. A pain, sometimes -- they eat everything -- but they're cute.


Susan said...

I love the bunny painting. Bunnies are special! Thanks, Mark.

Mark J said...

Thanx, Susan! Yeah, I melt at the sight of those little guys!

Chris Bellinger said...

Just seen your blog It sounds as if it is going to be interesting.
Cannot immagine what the temputure is loke with you but we have just had the most awfull wet day!. Mind i expect you will say you need Rain!
goood idea yo keave comments as I found your bloh via The Cycling Artist
Good Luck

Mark J said...

Hi, chris,

It's hot and humid here!