Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Light and Dark

I should soon finish a painting that -- to me, anyway -- will be reminiscent of 17th century Dutch painter Jacob van Ruisdael (if you're rusty in pronouncing Dutch, that's YAH-cobe von ROYCE-doll: roll the "r" a little).

While his works weren't strictly naturalistic, they do seem to impart a mystical or spiritual feeling (a value I treasure highly in art) to what would otherwise be a flat and possibly boring landscape. If you read my Artists Bio and Statement on my Website (, you'll notice JvR is listed as one of my main influences, although I don't always emulate him as much as I should.

But this time I'm doing it! Dramatic darks with spots of light breaking through the heavens that dance across the scene and give it rhythm. And lots of space -- just like in the desert. With any luck, I should be able to post my latest piece soon. I also expect it'll turn up on the homepage of the Website.

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