Saturday, July 19, 2008


Fairies are not something you might expect from a desert painter. After all, fairies live in heavily-wooded places, not among the sparse, prickly plantlife of the arid regions.

But even though I really like to paint landscapes, sometimes a change in subject matter seems to free me from my self-imposed restraints. Hey -- we all need some variety, right?

Having said that, I never felt figurative painting (or drawing) is my strong suit. I'm the type who wouldn't be happy unless I was cranking out Rembrandt-quality images!

Still, every so often, I have to give it a shot. The accompanying image is one example of a painting I did last year of an autumn fairy. I intended to contact some greeting card companies to see if any of them might like to use it, but I didn't get around to doing it -- and now it's too late for this year. (Some companies are already poised for the 2008 Christmas card season!) But who knows ... you might see this image on a card -- maybe next year.

And do fairies exist? Hoooo noze ... ?


José said...

Hi Mark,

A couple of days ago I was navigating the net, probably looking for fantasy art and found a website called Fairiesworld .
I only took a glimpse, but for those who like the theme it does seem quite interesting.

Kind regards,


Mark J said...

Thanx 4 that tip, José! You might also be interested in "Faerie Magazine":